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The Restoration Agency

The Restoration Agency Logo

For items lost but not forgotten.

It is our great pleasure to restore to you the enclosed globe, an item of your property which we have reason to believe you lost some time ago…

A globe arrives at a school with a letter from The Restoration Agency. But there’s been a mistake. The globe doesn’t belong to the school so they send it back. The next week the agency appears, unannounced, in the school playground. Two dedicated, and slightly confused, Restoration Agents appear with it and refuse to leave until the mystery of who owns the lost globe is solved. The game is afoot…

The Restoration Agency was developed from the research and development work carried out during Out in the Playground. Funded by Arts Council England and created with support from Wild Rumpus the project visited two primary schools in Stoke-on-Trent. During a two week residency at each school the Restoration Agents invaded assemblies, interrupted classes and generally spent a lot of time loitering in the playground before and after school asking passing children and parents if they had any new clues or ideas about the owner of the globe. Over the course of the two weeks ideas from the children and their families were woven into the developing narrative. Every child in Key Stage 1 experienced an immersive performance within the agency installation. Children were also given an opportunity to experience another performance in the agency with their families after school and at the end of the residency families were invited into school for an open afternoon to see classwork generated in response to the project and to once again step inside the agency and discover who really owns the lost globe.

During 2015/16 The Restoration Agency also appeared at:

Run Wild Child as part of Manchester’s Dig the City festival (a Wild Rumpus commission)

Just So Festival, Cheshire (a Wild Rumpus commission)

Appetite’s Big Feast, Stoke-on-Trent

Ramsbottom Festival

Royal Exchange Theatre, Manchester, as part of their Great Big Noise festival

During Summer 2016 The Restoration Agency trialled at Bexton Primary School in Cheshire as a project with Twitter-based characters, experimenting with a social media platform as a narrative development tool and a mode of communication between online characters and children and their families.

Wild Rumpus Arts Council Lottery Funding